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In the summer of 2012, Heather and Jameson Hooton of Hooton Images rode the Omaha Bus System for one month, interviewing and photographing the people they met.  This website is dedicated to that project. Click… Continue reading

A Window to the World: Transcribing and Editing Conversations On A Bus, A Photo Essay Project

When photographers Heather and Jameson Hooton invited me to transcribe and edit the conversations they initiated and recorded on buses all over Omaha, I couldn’t have imagined how exciting and difficult the work… Continue reading

The Joys of Eavesdropping: Transcribing Conversations on A Bus, Part 1

A few months back one of my favorite writers, Sherman Alexie, tweeted during his travels, “Airports aren’t boring if you like to eavesdrop. And eavesdropping is part of my job.” I couldn’t agree… Continue reading

How to change the world.

In our meeting today with Omaha Creative Institute and our writer, Sarah, we listened to the recording of one of our favorite interviews from the bus. And Sarah said something beautiful. We often… Continue reading

Night Riders

We’ve shifted gears for the past few rides and ridden after dark.  Part of the mission of this project is to ride as many bus lines as possible, and to ride at different… Continue reading

Our First Ride

All the months of planning leading up to this project did not prepare us for how terrifying the first steps onto the bus would be.  It’s strangely intimidating to walk up to a… Continue reading

Bus route planning – there’s an app for that

We’ve been learning a whole lot about riding the bus for this project.  It’s an inevitable side effect as we go from never riding the bus before to riding the bus nearly every… Continue reading

We Missed the Bus!

Since the idea of Conversations on a Bus came into being, one of the most important aspects has been not just our subjects’ stories, but the story of our experience as well.  This… Continue reading

A Stroll Through the Bus Barn

“It’s one of the largest indoor bus facilities in the United States,” she told us. Linda, our tour guide – and friendly liaison to Metro – walked ahead of us with a jingling… Continue reading


This endeavor is as much about the journey as it is about the final photographs so we want to take you with us!  We’ll be posting pictures, insights, sneak peeks and more from… Continue reading

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